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The Raczynski Library Holdings Drukuj
translated by Joanna M. Lewicka

The Raczynski Library holdings have been divided into three collections, according to their diverse character, intended use, library classification and availability: the general collection in the Central Lending Library, the special collections and the branch libraries’ collections. The collections of museums subordinate to the Library also constitute a part of Library holdings.

General collection and the Central Lending Library
The research collections (books and 19th-21st-century journals), created almost from scratch after the War, constitute a non-lending collection and include:

  • scientific and popular science publications in the fields of humanities and social studies, mainly in history, literary studies, philosophy, sociology, pedagogy, cultural studies, political science, law and economics;
  • works of Polish and foreign literature (mainly translated into Polish), particularly of Poznan literary circles;
  • general and specialist informational publications (encyclopedia, lexicons, dictionaries, brochures and guides, retrospective and current bibliographies);
  • regional and national journals and newspapers (popular, socio-cultural and scientific).
  • In 1983, the Central Lending Library was opened in the facility on what today is Sw. Marcin Street 65. The Central Lending Library holdings are a partial replica of the general collection and are available for lending out.  

Special collection
Since 1968 the Raczynski Library has a status of a research library. The most precious – from the scientific and historical point of view – part of its holdings constitute the special collections available in the Library building at Wolnosci Square 19. The special collections contain manuscripts, old prints, cartographic items, drawings, photographs, video recordings and microfilms. Documents of social life – available currently in the Library building on Wroniecka Street 14 – are also included in the special collection.
For details go to the Special Collections Division website.

Branch libraries’ collections
The Raczynski Library welcomes readers from all over Poznan to its 49 branch libraries. Varying in types and located in all districts, the branches create a user-friendly network.
The Library has several branches with book collections for adults (19), for children (12) and joint (18) – where both children’s and adult literature is available. Specialist branch libraries of technology, art, music and the branch library for the blind and visually challenged deserve a special mention.
In total, the size of the branch libraries’ collections is estimated at 950,000 volumes. All branches offer the readers an easy access to popular and scientific literature, as well as to newspapers and journals. Apart from traditional printed books, the Library holdings contain also film collections, audiobooks on CDs, cassettes, memory cards and books written in the Braille alphabet. The number of branches offering an Internet access is increasing. Children’s branch libraries invite the youngest readers to cyclical classes entitled “Winter and Summer with Book.”
For details go to the branch libraries website.

Museum collections
Literary Museum of Henryk Sienkiewicz
Study-Museum of Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski
The Center of Documentation of the Wielkopolska Literary Circle
Apartment-Museum of Kazimiera Illakowiczowna
Memory Chamber of Jerzy Pertek